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6 reasons why you should use WordPress for your business website
We have classified two kinds of business owners:

   a. You need a website but you have shortage of time and money
   b. You have a website but you don’t know how to make it work and operate.If you fall into any of the
categories then WordPress website is your best option.  

We are presenting six reasons why you should use WordPress for your business website:
  1. Simple to setup, manage and update: WordPress takes no skills of coding or any kind of technical knowledge, all you need is just follow some simple steps and go through all of them. Trust me while reading this blog you are ready for your first website. Jump to Wordpress.com sign up for your account (It’s free). It will take merely 2 minutes for the whole process. If you want to add or purchase a domain and host on WordPress you can do that as well with a very little fee. For your small business WordPress is the best solution. Don’t worry if you have started with a free account, you can any time migrate your website to another web hosting services. 

  2. Best for both blog and website: If you want to go around WordPress and understand the platform you can always start with it as blogging tool but having said that it’s also a CMS platform for your website.  

  3. Many WordPress themes: In WordPress platform you can use many themes and most of the themes are free. WordPress gives you opportunity to choose from thousands of themes which helps you to reduce the cost of hiring a web designer. You can download free themes from some of sites over internet and also themeforest lets you buy premium themes.

  4. Simple plugins: If you need any kind of additional functionalities in your website, WordPress has a plugin for that. To make WordPress platform easy and popular makers have created plugins that are very complex to create using coders and developers. From simple contact form to full eCommerce solution WordPress plugins have it all.

  5. Active WordPress community: WordPress has huge amount of users all over the world, to help in their problems and answer their queries WordPress has an active community.

  6. WordPress is mobile friendly: Most of the internet users now a day’s use smart phone, tablets to surf internet.  If your website is not mobile and other devices friendly you will be losing huge amount of visitors regularly. Fortunately all the themes of WordPress is mobile friendly that’s why you don’t have to code extra to make it mobile friendly.   

It's time to have a WordPress website and if you are planning to have WordPress site for your blog or website , contact us today for hassle free services that will suit your needs . Contact ARP Inc.

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​Don't be surprised with my blog title “HOW TO HAVE A $500 WEBSITE IN $200”. Today I am going to talk about a very important topic that all the entrepreneurs are thriving for:
1. Delegation of authority and
2. Cost effectiveness.

These points are very closely related as they play a vital role in ensuring business effectiveness and efficiency. As a web design and web development farm ARP Inc. have worked closely with many international farms as a third party service provider.

Our farm in based in south Asia and when we saw people from America, North America, UK contacting us for web designs and web development services we were surprised. That’s why we asked them questions why you are using us as a third party service provider when you have worlds’ best web designers and developers in your country and what they replied was amazing.
They said “when you are looking to maximize your profit you must be able to produce low cost products”, they added we can get great websites from local developers and designers but it will cost us a fortune at same time when we are able to crate exactly same quality of websites from you guys so why we should pay $500 for a website that can be done in $200 by ARP Inc.

ARP Inc. has always valued the need of its customers first over everything, we have mastered in our skills to provide world class services but in cost effective way. In that process we had to go through a lot of challenges like Language barrier. In 2008 when we started to get clients from all over the world that the biggest challenge we faced was communication problem but it wasn’t a problem for Abdur Rahman Pappu. As a project manager Abdur Rahman pappu handled all our clients very easily.
How we are able to create websites with such a low cost:

Over that last few years the first question we had to face when we sit with a new client was “How ARP Inc. is able to create websites with such a low cost”? Here are the secretes:
  1. Exchange rate: It’s not a rocket science; we work in other side of the world that’s why the currency value is very different than that is in USA, UK, and Europe.
  2. Our Philosophy: Our CEO Abdur Rahman Pappu is a true entrepreneur who believes that “business ideas should never die because of money constrain”. He always motivates us to provide sites with lower costs so that entrepreneurs can get sites with lower cost and invest more money in business development. Till this date we have create 20+ free websites for non-profit agencies because we believe in Abdur Rahman Pappu’s Philosophy.

So, contact us today for a nice and beautiful looking websites in a very reasonable price that will help you to promote yourself to your customers effectively. 

"A beautiful looking website make users fall for your product"

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Amazon affiliate program is one of the most popular ways of making money online and it is proven. Over the few months I have received so many request from my visitors , where they asked me to share tips on how to be a successful amazon affiliate associates. Here I am today sharing my very own secrete 11 tips for amazon affiliate marketer.
Download Here  11 tips for amazon affiliate marketer.  
​After reading my tips if you are planing to have a affiliate website , contact me today. We offer very easy to use and elegant looking websites in a very reasonable price. Contact ARP Inc.

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5 steps to increase sales this Christmas 2015

It’s December and we know it's time for Christmas and holiday. What I have noticed that in this Christmas season sales graph tend to decline, so what we can do to increase sales in this festival season?
Today I am going to give you very special tips on how to increase your sales this Christmas.

1. Special Landing page: Look at my Christmas special landing page. To attract customer who are buying website this Christmas I have designed this page. This page will help customers to feel special and induce them to make purchase. You can check out some of the cool designs for Christmas here.

2. Special offer. Buy one get one free Christmas is the best time to offer your customers this kind of deals. It's the time when most of the potential customers remain in the market so throw this buy one get one free offer today. Get custom designed buy one get one free banners.

3. Discounts: There is nothing more effective then a discount offer in this festive season. It's better to have low range of sales rather than no sales at all, so I think it's a risk worth taking.

4. Coupon code: Coupon code is also a very effective way to catch eyes of potential buyers. It's similar to discount but it allows your buyers to use that code to other products and services for discount or free offers.

5. Greeting cards: Greeting cards is one of the traditional ways of increasing sales. You can design custom cards then print them or attach with emails and send to customers.

I hope this Christmas brings you lot more sales than before. Hope my tips help you. Don't hesitate to put a comment; your feedback is my fuel for motivation.